Northwestern Mutual
Executive Bios


John E. Schlifske

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John E. Schlifske is chairman and chief executive officer of Northwestern Mutual, and is a member of the Board of Trustees. Schlifske joined Northwestern Mutual as an investment specialist and later led a variety of the company's investment operations as well as different parts of its business operations. 

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Gregory C. Oberland


Gregory C. Oberland leads the company’s career distribution, sales and marketing function. Oberland is responsible for the company’s strategy of growing and enhancing its field force and delivering financial security to clients. Oberland joined Northwestern Mutual as an attorney, and later held many executive-level positions for a variety of product line and operational areas.

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Joann M. Eisenhart

Executive Vice President and Chief People Officer

Joann (Jo) M. Eisenhart leads the company's people function, which includes human resources, campus and event experiences, and strategic philanthropy and community relations departments. Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual, Eisenhart was senior vice president of Human Resources at Pfizer, Inc.

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Michael G. Carter

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Michael G. Carter is responsible for the company’s financial management functions, strategic planning and enterprise risk management oversight. Carter joined Northwestern Mutual’s law department and went on to serve in a number of executive leadership roles in operations, planning and distribution. 

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John M. Grogan

Executive Vice President Insurance Products and Client Services

John M. Grogan is responsible for the strategy and performance of the company's insurance businesses, as well as the support and servicing of its insurance and investment clients. Grogan joined Northwestern Mutual as an attorney and later led a variety of departments including serving as the chief executive officer of the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. 

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Raymond J. Manista

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Raymond J. Manista is responsible for the company’s law and public affairs function, which includes the law, communications, compliance/best practices and government relations departments. Since joining Northwestern Mutual, Manista has held various leadership roles across the company in law, corporate strategy and planning. 

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Ronald P. Joelson

Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Ronald P. Joelson oversees management of the company's more than $200 billion general account investment portfolio. In addition, he is responsible for the company's four investment departments: public investments, Northwestern Mutual Capital, Northwestern Mutual Real Estate and investment strategy. Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual, Joelson served as chief investment officer of two global insurance companies.

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Timothy G. Schaefer

Executive Vice President, Chief Client Officer

Timothy G. Schaefer is responsible for Northwestern Mutual's overall client experience, digital strategy and technology. Schaefer joined the company as a programmer, and since held several leadership positions including chief information officer and executive vice president of operations and technology.

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