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Firefighter Dad and Teacher Mom Use Permanent Life Insurance to Provide Stability, Security and Peace of Mind for their Family

MILWAUKEE (BUSINESS WIRE), August 24, 2011 - Northwestern Mutual, the “World’s Most Admired” life insurance company in 2011 according to FORTUNE® magazine, has introduced a new video in its client stories Facebook series, focused on parents, Reggie and Vivian Smith, a firefighter and teacher, from Dallas.

Videos in the Northwestern Mutual client stories series aim to share the approaches and success stories of individuals whose financial representatives have helped develop a plan based on clients’ goals to help them build financial security. A new video is scheduled to appear each month throughout 2011.

“My mother always taught me to be prepared and having permanent life insurance in place makes me feel like we are securing our children’s futures and our grandchildren’s futures,” says Vivian in the latest video.

When Reggie and Vivian sat down with their Northwestern Mutual financial representative and heard about permanent life insurance for the first time, Vivian “felt such a sense of relief that it brought tears of joy to my eyes – I knew I had financial security for my children, Jaylon and Jasmine.”

Reggie agrees with his wife that since this part of their life is well-managed, he has less to worry about, which is invaluable. “As a firefighter, I sleep better at night knowing that if something was to happen to me, my family would be taken care of,” said Reggie.

“Reggie and Vivian were searching for a trusted advisor who could understand their personal situation and they were jumping from company to company feeling frustrated and confused about their options,” said David Simbro, vice president of life products, Northwestern Mutual. “By developing a plan with one of our financial representatives and sharing what is most important to them both now and in the future, we were able to show them how permanent life insurance could be the foundation of a lifelong financial security plan for their family.”

From starting a small business to meeting retirement goals or taking care of loved ones, the Client Stories series illustrates the importance of comprehensive holistic planning, and how solutions like permanent life insurance can create financial security for today and tomorrow.

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